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Clippercide Disinfectant & Lubricating Spray

Clipp-Aid Medium Blade Clippers

Clipp-Aid Medium Blade Clippers

Clipp-Aid Standard Blade Clippers

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Clipp-Aid Standard Blade Clippers är en unik produkt som rengör och slipar upp hårklippare och trimmers på bara några sekunder. En patenterad uppfinning som innehåller unika, slipande kristaller. Genom att använda Clipp-Aid 2-3 gånger per vecka så underhåller du dina maskiner och förlänger livslängden avsevärt.

For use with adjustable blades and blade sizes: 0000, 000, 0A

Step 1 – Select a packet

• Select the packet that matches your blade size
• Cut open the packet as directed

Step 2 – Clean and Sharpen Your Blades

• Turn ON your clippers (or trimmers)
• Place the teeth (or cutting point) of the blades into the crystals
• Move the blades back-and-forth through the crystals
• Continue until the coloured crystals turn into a lighter-coloured powder (up to 2 minutes)

Step 3 – Clean and Oil Your Blades Really Well

• Turn OFF your clippers (or trimmers)
• Clean off the blade with a brush really good
• Thoroughly oil the blade to remove any excess debris
• Turn ON your clipper (or trimmer) to let the oil run through the blades (up to 10 seconds)

Step 4 – Get Back to Cutting Hair without the Hassle of Dirty or Dull Blades

• Turn OFF your clipper (or trimmer)
• Wipe off any excess oil with a rag
• That’s it!

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