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Clipp-Aid Medium Blade Clippers

Clipp-Aid Medium Blade Clippers

Wahl Special Blade Oil 200 ml

Wahl Special Blade Oil 200 ml (Moser, Ermilia, Wahl)

Clipp-Aid Trimmers

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Clipp-Aid Trimmers är en unik produkt som rengör och slipar upp hårklippare och trimmers på bara några sekunder. En patenterad uppfinning som innehåller unika, slipande kristaller. Genom att använda Clipp-Aid 2-3 gånger per vecka så underhåller du dina maskiner och förlänger livslängden avsevärt.

For use with trimmer blades and 00000 blades.

Step 1 – Select a packet

• Select the packet that matches your blade size
• Cut open the packet as directed

Step 2 – Clean and Sharpen Your Blades

• Turn ON your clippers (or trimmers)
• Place the teeth (or cutting point) of the blades into the crystals
• Move the blades back-and-forth through the crystals
• Continue until the coloured crystals turn into a lighter-coloured powder (up to 2 minutes)

Step 3 – Clean and Oil Your Blades Really Well

• Turn OFF your clippers (or trimmers)
• Clean off the blade with a brush really good
• Thoroughly oil the blade to remove any excess debris
• Turn ON your clipper (or trimmer) to let the oil run through the blades (up to 10 seconds)

Step 4 – Get Back to Cutting Hair without the Hassle of Dirty or Dull Blades

• Turn OFF your clipper (or trimmer)
• Wipe off any excess oil with a rag
• That’s it!

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