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Captain Fawcett Alessandro Manfredini EdP Sample 2 ml

Captain Fawcett Alessandro Manfredini Eau de Parfum Sample

Captain Fawcett Barberism Parfum Sample

Captain Fawcett Barberism Parfum Sample

Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Parfum Sample

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Booze and Baccy Eau De Parfum by Ricki Hall är en parfym framtagen i samarbete med Ricky Hall, en av världens mest kända skäggmodeller. En kryddig orientalisk doft med spännande maskulina doftnoter. Toppnoten kombinerar citrusnoter med kryddig bay rum. Mellannoten innehåller gröna örter och nyplockad galbanum. Basnoten är varm och exotisk. Ett välkommen tillskott till The Captain's Signature Series.

A few words from Ricki...
“I was thinking about what men were like when I was a kid, strong blokes who didn’t apologise for being masculine. I wanted to bring that back – the smell of being an adult in the 70s and 80s – booze, cigarettes, leather, aftershave, pub – it’s a bit of time travel. This sort of man, he’s pulling up in a Ford Capri, leather jacket, hairy chest in an open shirt with a gold chain. Pint in his hand, pack of Bensons, laid back and smart with an eye for the ladies and a reckless streak but honourable you know – a proper gentleman, cocksure but a real charmer – everyone wants to be around him but a look in his eye means you wouldn’t cross him. It’s a real intense male scent – assertive, potent, the kind worn by a man with a score to settle, but only once he’s finished his pint”. Ricki Hall.

Bay Rum, apelsinzest och bergamott

Galbanum, vit timjan och koriander

Tobak, frankinsence, lönnharts och vanilj

2 ml

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Varumärken Captain Fawcett
Doft Booze & Baccy by Ricki Hall
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